Velda Resleep

a vision for a sustainable future


The Velda Resleep is developed, following the Cradle to Cradle® design framework. While assuring the comfort and quality standard of Velda, the Resleep is designed to be reused, recovered and recycled; a vision for a sustainable future.


The design is conceived so that only a limited number of different materials is used. The materials of which the design consists have low environmental impact and are reusable and/or recyclable. Furthermore the Resleep is designed so that the different components or materials are assembled without glue or staples. This means it can be disassembled in its separate components or materials, which has many advantages.


First of all the bed can be recovered after a first lifespan and the parts that are worn can be replaced. This means that a ‘rebirth’ of the Resleep is achieved without the environmental impact of producing a new one. Second, if there would ever be a need for a new upholstery of the Resleep, it can be reupholstered on the spot. Last but not least the materials can be reused or recycled at the end of their first lifespan. This means that if a component or material is worn, the component itself can begin a second life.


An important part of the innovation trajectory is the ongoing

Cradle to Cradle® Certification of the Velda Resleep;

"a first big step towards a sustainable future"


The Velda Resleep is the product of a broad Cradle to Cradle® innovation trajectory. Veldeman bedding decided to set sail for a sustainable future by continuously improving its products and processes, hereby supported by EPEA Nederland, an institute specialized in Cradle to Cradle® innovation. Beside the innovative Cradle to Cradle® design of the Resleep, also the production processes were analyzed for improvement as to carbon dioxide footprint, the use of renewable energy, waste management, water usage and social fairness. An important part of the innovation trajectory is the ongoing Cradle to Cradle® Certification of  the Velda Resleep; a first big step towards a sustainable future.



How it works. By assembling the various parts of a bed with NO glue, NO foam and NO staples, every single item can be disassembled by hand. This assembly procedure ensures the protection of the value of the components and reduces costs of collecting, sorting and reprocessing.


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